August 31, 2022
5 mins

Enterprise Direct To Consumer With Tymber

Tymber is fully embracing and incorporating the hottest trend in cannabis—direct-to-consumer or “DTC” for short. For the first time ever, brand and product preferences among cannabis consumers are on the rise—cannabis consumers and enthusiasts are searching on

Tymber is fully embracing and developing tech for one of the hottest new trends in cannabis—direct-to-consumer or “DTC” for short. This is not just ecommerce for brands - Tymber's unique DTC model, has the potential to change the economics of the cannabis industry for the better.

For the first time ever, brand and product preferences among cannabis consumers are on the rise—cannabis consumers and enthusiasts are searching on Google for their favorite brands and products hundreds of thousands of times per month. Tymber has developed tech for direct to consumer brands with a special “DTC Mode” of it's ecommerce software. DTC Mode is built in to Tymber's eCommerce software allowing brands to utilize the platform to sell directly to consumers on their own websites, on the root domain (SEO geeks stand up).

Most importantly, brands are able to tap into modern digital marketing capabilities (Like the rest of the brands in the world do 😂) that have never before been available in the newly regulated market. With Tymber's DTC Mode, brands can activate automated emails like abandoned carts, welcome series, post purchase follow up sequences, upsells and cross sell sequences. Brands can also accurately track conversions from programmatic ad campaigns on Google and private ad networks with Tymber's digital advertising partners. With Tymber's industry leading online payment solution, brands can take payment online for direct to consumer purchases which increases average order values by 25% and increases customer loyalty to your brand.

Monthly search queries for major cannabis brands

The Industry Problem

Due to the regulatory structure of the recreational cannabis industry, cannabis brands have not been able to sell their products directly to consumers by having been limited to selling only through third-party dispensary partners. This remains a huge problem in the industry as cannabis brands have difficulty tracking ROI and conversions on marketing efforts. 

Furthermore, by not having this direct access to their customer, brands have not been able to engage in basic 21st-century digital marketing like SEO optimization, automated email marketing, and programmatic advertising. Brands are losing up to 30% of their revenue to reasons such as shelving or slotting fees, marketing agreements, discounts, non-payment by dispensaries, ineffective sales teams and required in store events by dispensaries that are often ineffective. Retailers are losing up to 30% of their revenue for similar reasons such as ballooning advertising costs, expensive marketing departments and agencies, deep discounts to compete with their competitors and the list goes on.

For years, the industry has been called a race to the bottom. We have arrived at the bottom and are starting to witness brands and retailers close their doors in a brutal economic environment. Tymber's DTC solution can restore healthy economics to a broken industry by putting the responsibility of sales and marketing back in the hands of brands who so badly want to nurture their customers in a direct to consumer relationship and relieving struggling retailers who are advertising and discounting themselves into the red.

The Solution Is Tymber DTC

Tymber’s DTC Mode converts its native eCommerce platform into a powerful podium for cannabis brands while completely transforming the direct-to-consumer model in the cannabis industry by allowing both retail dispensaries and brands to take back their profit margins. In turn, the above reconstructs a few things in the industry:  

  • For brands: DTC mode enables truly native ecommerce so orders be placed directly on the brand's website allowing them to also be able to retain eCommerce customer data for the first time ever. Brands are now able to have the marketing freedom to do SEO, automated email marketing, and programmatic advertising. 
  • For retailers: Retail dispensary partners participating in direct-to-consumer relationships can now act as fulfillment partners (Think UPS or FedEx), simply delivering the product to the consumer after the sale has been made on the brand's website and removing sales, marketing and overhead costs from their Profit & Loss statements.

Tymber powers DTC for Buddies™ (

Cannabis consumers also win because they gain freedom of choice and are increasingly loyal in direct-to-consumer relationships as they can now engage naturally with the brand of their choice just like shopping for your favorite clothing brands (Think Bylt Basics, John Varvatos, or Prose) in any other industry.

Looking to take charge of your brand’s marketing freedom? Book a free demo with Tymber today to how it works.