BLAZE acquires Tymber to offer full-service cannabis software suite to dispensaries
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BLAZE is a robust cannabis software suite for cannabis retailers and delivery services. Our premiere POS platform offers deep integrations, advanced inventory management, delivery dispatching, and automates state reporting. With BLAZE, you can increase your sales, improve customer retention, and automate state compliance.

About Tymber

Tymber is the digital growth platform that enables cannabis retailers to attract, convert and retain their own customers with their own website and mobile apps. Our headless, SEO-optimized, ecommerce platform empowers retailers to break their dependence on iframe menus and 3rd party marketplaces with a recognizable brand and frictionless shopping experience.

How it  works 

Allow customers to shop your full menu for pickups and scheduled deliveries. Or dynamic, mobile inventories for express delivery. The Blaze and Tymber integration means never managing customers, orders, taxes, fees or discounts in two platforms. Blaze powers your dispensary operations. Tymber powers your digital growth.



Point of Sale

Process transactions quickly and efficiently with our POS platform. Apply discounts, give refunds, and add new customers with ease.

100% Compliant

Our software has integrations with both METRC and BioTrack traceability. We’ll automate state reporting so you can focus on your business.

Mobile Delivery

Our delivery application gives delivery drivers the power to process transactions on the go. Driver can view order details, message dispatch, verify ID, and checkout customers.