BLAZE acquires Tymber to offer full-service cannabis software suite to dispensaries
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Springbig is a full-featured loyalty marketing and digital communications software platform, built to support all of the loyalty and communications needs a cannabis retailer might have. With Springbig, customer relationship management has never been easier.

About Tymber

Tymber is the digital growth platform that enables cannabis retailers to attract, convert and retain their own customers with their own website and mobile apps. Our headless, SEO-optimized, ecommerce platform empowers retailers to break their dependence on iframe menus and 3rd party marketplaces with a recognizable brand and frictionless shopping experience.

How it  works 

Customers are automatically opted in (with consent) to your rewards and SMS marketing programs through Tymber. They will accrue points automatically, and can easily check and redeem them right from your website or mobile app.



Customer loyalty

Reward your customers on a points-per-spend program. Collect relevant customer information and segment them automatically.

SMS text messaging

89% of customers wished businesses used messaging services. Engage and delight customers directly with text messaging.

Reduce Friction

Customers can opt in, see points and redeem them from your website or mobile app powered by Tymber.