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November 29, 2022

All Your Google Dashboard Data United In One Place On The Tymber Platform

If you’re using a third-party domain (iFrame) to run your site, you’re losing out on everything google analytics has to offer—no data tracking, no tag management, and no google my business statistics.

The Black Box Of The iFrame Is Killing Customer Tracking Behavior 

Iframe solutions for eCommerce have become very problematic for cannabis dispensaries’ digital marketing and conversion tracking methods. In the eyes of google, iframe’s are a black box that doesn't communicate with the rest of your website. This prevents you from tracking the customer journey from the homepage to checkout, from a blog post on your site to checkout, or from your FAQ to the checkout page.

If you’re using a third-party domain (iFrame) to run your site, you’re losing out on everything google analytics has to offer—no data tracking, no tag management, and no google my business statistics.

Take Control Of Your Data With A Customized Tymber Google Dashboard: See Traffic And Revenue Conversion From Start To Finish

Google Analytics and Data Studio allow you to learn more about your customers across devices and platforms. Google Analytics equips you with the tools you need to have a better understanding of the customer journey and make data-driven decisions.

Knowing how important customer data is and the huge impact Google’s Marketing Platform creates, Tymber provides our partners with a modern native browser and a fully customizable dashboard built in google data studio using the entire suite of google analytics and google search console allowing you to bring in metrics from google marketing products—all done for you on the Tymber platform. 

Track daily, monthly, and yearly revenue, impressions, and clicks with ease.

The Tymber solution allows you to take advantage of several interactive dashboards and engaging reports so you can measure your customer data easier than ever. 

With incorporated Google Analytics, the customer journey can now be tracked from start to finish so you will know exactly what your customers’ behavior is the entire time they’re on your website. When shoppers are stuck inside the iframe, this tracking becomes impossible. 

Know your organic search impact in your area.

Organic searches are the main drivers of traffic—leverage your impressions and clicks to get the most out of your marketing campaign.

Simply put, this revenue data comes out of google analytics for conversion—google search console tells you the impression and click data (how many times you appear in search results.)

If you need a quick refresher, anytime you do a google search and you see a blue link when someone sees your blue link, those are impressions. On the other hand, a click indicates that they took action and clicked on it. 

Furthermore, Tymber can track social channels and keyword performance so anytime someone types a keyword for your brand name, Tymber tracks the click-through rate and the position you rank in google. For example, when you search “Bakersfield weed delivery” each website displayed is ranked by SEO, in this case, our partner 420 Kingdom ranks number 1 on Google! 

An Unbeatable Combination of Marketing Dashboards Owned By You  All At Your Fingertips

To summarize, with the Tymber custom dashboard, you get: google data studio, google analytics, google search console, google tag manager, google search console, and google my business centralized in one easy-to-access place. 

Want to see who buys from you? Highlight the demographic dashboard section to see who spends the most money with you. Don’t know what eComm investments are driving traffic and revenue? Easily view your category, product, brand page eCommerce assets, which are performing, and what their conversion rates are.

The dashboards and data are 100% owned by the partner (you). Unlike other providers (who don’t let you manipulate the dashboard or data, only display the data for you and harvest ownership of it) Tymber builds these beautiful custom dashboards for you and allows you to manipulate and play with the data how you please.

Our dashboards also provide a Google My Business display where you have access to driving instructions, map views, and discovery search data of your dispensary based on location. In other words, the ABC location data on google. 

Last but not least, Tymber does multilocation dashboards—if you have 10 locations, we custom create dashboards with 10 pages that have a dedicated filtered view of every location's analytics giving you comprehensive analytics across all your eCommerce menus in one giant dashboard. 

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