BLAZE acquires Tymber to offer full-service cannabis software suite to dispensaries
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January 11, 2023
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Tymber has been acquired by BLAZE®

We are excited to announce that BLAZE® has acquired Tymber.

What does this mean? 

For BLAZE®, this acquisition adds e-commerce to their industry-leading toolset for cannabis dispensary and delivery operators.

For Tymber, this unlocks an industry-leading POS integration that is necessary to further Tymber’s commitment to retail entrepreneurs.

A walk down memory lane

When recreational cannabis became a reality in California more than four years ago, we looked around and didn’t see the tools needed to help operators grow their business

Glaring conflicts of interest existed between retail operators and incumbent e-commerce providers; all of which provided competing consumer marketplaces. Like any marketplace, they used sellers to reach consumers.

We recognized retailers as the backbone of our industry, yet the e-commerce software being developed failed to help them find sustainable success.

As obvious as it was, there weren’t any viable alternatives. Because the cannabis industry is nuanced, the software stack that supports it is highly specialized. Custom builds were complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Time and money have never been a luxury in our industry.

The problem was obvious and the solution was simple.

We built Tymber for e-commerce for the same reason BLAZE® built a point of sale. To give operators in the cannabis space viable tools to help them achieve their goals.

Tymber was born as the first e-commerce platform truly built for retail operators. We listened to our customers and built software to solve their problems and help them reach their goals.

Today, Tymber powers native e-commerce websites, branded mobile apps, self-serve kiosks, and automated marketing for more than 150 retailers in 15 states and 2 provinces.

We're still obsessed with the problems and are always striving towards the solutions.

What's to come? 

While we’re proud of our contribution to the industry thus far, we’re even more excited for what’s to come.

With BLAZE®, we will accelerate our commitment to build an e-commerce ecosystem that boosts sales and operational efficiency for our shared customers.

At the same time, both BLAZE® and Tymber believe in an open ecosystem and support the retailer’s right to choose their tech stack. Tymber will continue to work closely with our point-of-sale partners who share our vision and commitment to put retailers first.