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December 7, 2022
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Building a Valid Cart With Tymber Real-Time Validations

Harnessing real-time data is key to your dispensary's e-commerce success. Valid carts and orders make happy customers and staff for your dispensary.

Cannabis e-commerce is quickly becoming the center point of many business strategies as dispensaries begin to adapt to the digital world.

Tymber helps you meet the growing demand for fast, reliable, and seamless eCommerce solutions 

Tymber validates the cart in real time with your POS. Once in real time with every addition to the cart, and again at checkout.

With Tymber, you and your customers can rest assured that taxes, fees, discounts and rewards are accurate and reflected in your point of sale.

Valid Carts Improve Customer Experience 

Many Cannabis e-commerce solutions don’t offer real-time cart validations with the POS. They often rely on interval sync to build and maintain the menu. But, carts and orders are often validated within the e-commerce platform, where they add their own tax, promotion and fee calculations. As compared to what your staff sees in the POS, your customers are seeing estimated cart totals when they shop on your website.

With Tymber rest assured that what customers see at checkout is accurate.

Valid Carts Improve Staff Experience 

Without Tymber, your staff is often tasked with managing taxes, fees and discounts twice - once in the POS and once in e-commerce.

They're also  tasked with comparing orders and looking for discrepancies.

And lastly, they are tasked with breaking the news to the customer when their order total changes or worse - their products are no longer available.

These problems are all solved with Tymber. Your staff only manages the POS and can rest assured that each order is valid and the cart totals are accurate.

Through this integration, we’ve fixed the friction of constant conflict with the actual price and updated item totals in your POS as everything is synced and validated in real-time. 

The time is now to take control of your data and digital presence with Tymber.

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