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June 21, 2022
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Tymber + Cova

Tymber Partners with Cova  POS to simplify compliance and streamline dispensary operations in the US and Canada.

Tymber Partners with Cova to take the Personalized Shopping Experience to the Next Level in the US and Canada
Our partnership with Cova provides an exceptional cannabis dispensary POS experience

With multiple awards under their belt, Cova aims to be the most trusted cannabis POS in North America by simplifying compliance and streamlining dispensary operations. Through this new partnership, Cova empowers cannabis entrepreneurs to turn their dispensary vision into a reality with an innovative software that is built with a focus on reliability, ease-of-use, and scalability.

Through this new partnership, Tymber users will gain access to a reliable and fast POS system, ensure security when it comes to compliance, and gain the benefits of a seamless launch and support system for its users. 


Fast, Reliable POS

Deliver the best possible experience through intuitive sales tools, industry leading uptimes, and Offline Mode for peace-of-mind even on the busiest days. Cova’s POS in the form of a full-featured tablet-based point-of-sale system enables your team to deliver a quick, compliant, and personalized shopping experience. 

Features include: 

  • Built-in ID Scanner & Age Verification
  • Customer Queue Management
  • Product Info On-Demand
  • Flexibility Discount Engine & Loyalty Program
  • Offline Mode
  • Alternative Payments
  • Inventory Management
  • Compliance
  • Analytics & Reporting


Compliance, Simplified

With full compliance comes fewer headaches. This partnership’s role is to ensure that our clients focus on what really matters - brand expansion and customer engagement. With that said, Cova is on top of all dispensary compliance and continuously in sync with government cannabis regulations. Our automated compliance tools are designed to prevent your team from making operational missteps resulting in fines or a loss of any retailing license. 

Cova’s Compliance features:

  • ID Scanner & Purchase Limit Alerts
  • Hours of Operation Compliances
  • Seamless State Traceability Integration for U.S. Dispensaries
  • One-Click Compliance Reporting for Canadian Retailers


Flexible Payment Methods

It’s no secret that cashless payment options result in higher Average Order Values (AOV) at your dispensary. Despite banking restrictions in the United States, retailers can take advantage of “card present”, Cashless ATM solutions offered by Cova. 

Online, Cova and Tymber have partnered with processors to provide seamless ACH (United States) and Credit Card (Canada) payments.


Tymber and Cova: Better together.

Interested in the integration? Connect Cova POS with Tymber to achieve operational efficiency and a seamless shopping experience. Contact us today to see how you can power your dispensary operations and your digital growth.