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August 31, 2022
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4 ways to generate positive ROI with Tymber

Want to see for yourself what your business can generate with Tymber? Check out our unique ROI calculator built by us to see how much return you can make by utilizing Tymber's forward thinking features. 

As Neil Patel says, “data and analytics are floating all around us and by taking advantage of them through experimentation and executing unique marketing tactics, your business will thrive.” Luckily for our partners, we’re experts in this field here at Tymber—we’ve got our tactics and data defined through years of research and experience in the cannabis industry. 

As this industry matures, you’ll see the winners standing out from the crowd by implementing a strong, recognizable brand and a clear plan for growth, as well as short & long-term objectives for improving your return on investment. Follow along as we hit on four of our tried and true methods for generating positive ROI with the Tymber platform. 

SEO—Brand Pages, Category Pages & Product Pages 

Tymber makes your business a competitor through Google search optimization, relevant keyword optimization, and rich content with high search volume results and traffic achieved through three key eCommerce outlets. 

Tymber + Klaviyo Integration


Tymber's integration with Klaviyo for email marketing enables Tymber partners to recover thousands of dollars per month in lost revenue with abandoned cart emails. Through this integration, sophisticated email targeting can be achieved. Other popular emails enabled with the integration are browse abandonment, welcome series, post-purchase sequences, and customer nurture emails.

Banner Space Advertising

Other standard menu platforms that offer dispensary e-commerce options will simply set up your menu and host it on their website. This menu set up on their website is then placed within an iFrame on the website’s menu page. This means two things—firstly, you’re not ranking for SEO on google whatsoever (it’s like your products don’t exist at all when people search for them), and secondly, the website is selling advertising on your menu, only giving you a small percentage of the revenue. We don’t roll like that. 

By setting your menu up on a native browser, you can use Tymber’s customizable banners to sell the brand's banner ad space and charge them for it—bringing that “lost” revenue right back to you. 

Stronghold Integrated Online Payments + Tymber

Last but certainly not least, this ROI generator was implemented to crush the competition and generate more sales at the checkout. 

Our integration with Stronghold allows your customers to have an option to pay from their bank account by selecting “Stronghold Payment” during checkout. They will be presented with their bank’s login, allowing them to securely enter their credentials, complete the payment, and link their account for future orders.

This fully compliant ACH payment method avoids the hassle of cards and the risks associated with cash. We incorporate their fully embedded process which connects to banks with minimal friction—this doesn’t only allow returning customers to enjoy a one-click checkout but Stronghold’s fully proven technology replaces cash with average utilization rates of over 30% and increases basket size by over 20%.

Calculate How Much Revenue You Can Capture By Switching To A Native Ecommerce Platform Like Tymber

Want to see for yourself what you can generate with Tymber? Check out our unique ROI generator built by us to see how much return you can make by utilizing Tymber's revolutionary features. 

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