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Case Study
November 24, 2022

Garden of Eden Achieves 58% Adoption on Online Payments with Tymber

Simple and powerful online cannabis payment options are changing the industry. Tymber partner Garden of Eden (“GOE”) has reached a 58% adoption rate with Tymber's integrated online payments.

Over 15 years ago, Garden of Eden opened its doors for the first time to Alameda County, California residents. As online sales began to mature, GoE recognized the importance and invested in its digital growth.

The team began to look for an ecommerce partner that could handle high volume, provide e-commerce SEO, custom branding, and integrated online payments.

Already having implemented TREEZ, a secure cloud-based POS platform  that enabled GoE to run their business with peace of mind, they needed something to take them to the next level. Their search led them to the Tymber platform which could easily integrate with their POS, giving them two platforms that performed for them in the most critical hours.

Thanks to Tymber’s innovative approach to migrating customer accounts, the GoE team saw no very little friction on the cutover from their legacy e-commerce provider. And in the first week, they broke 50% adoption for online payments.

Just four months later, the adoption rate is approaching 60% and is steadily increasing.

About Garden of Eden

What started out as a refuge for community members seeking responsibly sourced medical cannabis in the quasi-legal market of its time, has strengthened its roots and weathered the storms, to become one of the Bay Area’s oldest retail dispensaries. The OG California dispensary has taken the scene by storm—Garden of Eden offers one of the best-curated selections of a variety of cannabis products, choosing quality over quantity for their customers since 2003.

Garden of Eden applies the same quality-first approach that has not only won them the award for Best Flower Selection in the East Bay Area but puts them at the forefront of the California industry— from their vibrant dispensary feel all the way to their diverse charity connections.

GoE has further solidified itself as a pillar in the community for its clean and high-quality cannabis products, modern and approachable shopping experience, and unique style carried out by the Tymber architecture.

The Challenge

Online payments in the cannabis industry traditionally have a very low adoption rate. The root cause is shallow integrations and bad user experiences.

Cashless payment options for cannabis retail delivery and pickup have become an essential part of a modern business's success. Cashless options increase sales, improve business and customer security, and reduce the operational challenges of cash management.

The Tymber Solution: Why Are Adoption Rates Important?

Simply put, people spend more when they pay online. On average, you can expect a 25% larger order when pre-paid online. Online payments have also been proven to increase retention, security, and operational efficiency.

Having an eCommerce platform that allowed us to execute our own unique style and stay true to who we were was extremely important when we first started looking for solutions. We wanted something that provided good retail performance and the Tymber architecture fit exactly what we were looking for.

Garden of Eden’s numbers demonstrates what can be accomplished with Tymber’s native platform and seamless integrations.

Online payments with Tymber enable a frictionless experience for customers to pay online with no extra apps, accounts, text messages, or redirection needed —Tymber payment solution will never redirect customers away from the checkout screen which allows for higher adoption rates and accurate conversion tracking.

50% of your orders could be 25% larger. And that’s just scratching the surface.

See how partnering with and implementing a Tymber e-commerce platform can help build your dispensary revenue and SEO from the ground up.

Request a free demo today to get started and see why cannabis companies across the country trust Tymber with their online presence.

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Mark McMillan
Vice President of Cannabis

The Tymber platform continuously helps us improve our brand awareness and eCommerce traffic. As the industry matured, we saw the need to build search equity for eCommerce pages. And, as a high-volume dispensary, we could not compromise on performance or operational efficiency. Tymber quickly became the perfect solution for us that could handle our traffic load and effortlessly connect our must-have industry integrations.

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