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January 5, 2023

Haven Introduces Their Seventh Tymber-Powered Dispensary In Porterville, Tulare County

When Haven began their search for eCommerce platforms, with such a limited number of available options, Tymber was the only drop-in solution where you could get the benefits of search engine optimization.

Officially established in 2019, Haven has cultivated an out-of-this-world dispensary experience in Southern California and more recently, San Bernardino and Tulare counties. Their 7 dispensaries continue to remove stigmas surrounding cannabis while providing an enjoyable and authentic experience to medical and recreational patients.

Cultivated And Authentic Spaces With Deep California Roots

Haven has been a partner since the very early days of Tymber (and even before Haven was Haven!). Despite small beginnings, Haven and Tymber have worked to become leaders in the cannabis spaces within California—we've certainly come a long way since then and we're just getting started. 

When Haven began their search for eCommerce platforms, with such a limited number of available options, Tymber was the only drop-in solution where you could get the benefits of search engine optimization. Every other solution on the market utilized iframes which have zero SEO value. Additionally, the alternatives that weren’t fully custom solutions were (and continue to be) promoting their own aggregated marketplaces in google search. 

“Tymber has allowed us to implement different payment options, as well as providing other ordinary shopping experience features like using promotion codes, allowing plugins into email marketing platforms, and sending out automated customer cart updates, all of which help ensure the customer journey is purposely guided. Tymber’s integrations have allowed us to ensure that we have an online shopping experience that is easy to use and understandable to customers in today’s business world.” - Mark Simonian, COO of Haven Stores

Paving The Way With Industry Leaders: The Future of Tymber & Haven 

Haven was one of the first in the industry to recognize the value of implementing a native menu with Tymber. With the addition of their 6th and 7th stores in San Bernardino and Porterville, Haven has been killing it with the enhanced functionality of Tymber’s integrations and marketing solutions.  

Within the month of October, Haven searches generated 420,000 impressions and 20,000 clicks with Tymber’s product-level SEO. On the other hand, by utilizing the highly personalized email and SMS automation of the Klaviyo integration, Haven accomplished some impressive results. 

Of their total revenue in the month of October, 32% has come directly from Klaviyo. Replenishment and Abandoned Cart emails have brought in 10% of this revenue while their campaign messaging is going crazy—bringing in the remaining 22% of the total collected. 

Aside from winning customers back and gaining tons of traction in google searches and impressions, recently, Haven has rolled out a branded e-commerce theme and continues to showcase their success with their delivery kiosks across their California locations.

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Mark Simonian
COO of Haven Stores

“From when we started until now, Tymber has been a top-of-the-line drop-in solution where you get all of the benefits of search engine optimization with every product in your online store. Most other modern solutions still use I-frames that don’t provide any type of SEO boost in regard to all of our products, descriptions, and pictures that we spent so much time cultivating and setting up internally. The solution provided by Tymber allows Haven to rank on Google and other search engines for other terms like our cannabis categories, whether it be flower, vape, or edibles, Haven consistently shows up in top search results. Tymber has allowed us to take charge by promoting our own online stores which help us to retain customers and bring new ones to our site.”

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