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August 9, 2022

MMD Celebrates more than 100,000 orders with Tymber

Tymber’s long-standing relationship with this industry pioneer reaches new heights. With over 100,000 orders under their belt, the MMD team has recently deployed a custom e-commerce theme and native mobile apps powered by Tymber.

A long history of setting the pace.

MMD Shops became a part of the early wave of legal cannabis in California when they established their first medical dispensary in North Hollywood in 2006. Since then, their presence has been felt at the forefront of advocating for safe and legal access to cannabis for more than sixteen years and has grown to four dispensaries all operating in Southern California.

With Tymber since the beginning.

Tymber’s roots run deep with MMD. We are proud to have been working together since 2019. Back then, Tymber was a small agency building custom websites. MMD was one of the first to believe in our vision to build an e-commerce platform that empowers retail operators to stand out and get ahead.

Before Tymber, MMD had cycled through other e-commerce platforms. They were met with poor POS integrations and high friction shopping experiences each time.

In 2018 our world shifted as California welcomed legal and recreational cannabis. It was clear that our presence online was becoming increasingly important. We got burned a few times before we found Tymber. The operational cost of managing several platforms became a huge issue for us. And it didn’t allow us to provide the customer experience we’d become known for.

The next chapter.

With each new feature, integration, and version of Tymber, MMD has stayed in lock step - always onboard to push the boundaries of what we can do together.

MMD was among the first to adopt online payments with Tymber. More recently, they’ve rolled out a branded e-commerce theme and native mobile apps.

True to form, MMD is one step ahead of the competition.

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Mishka Ashbel
Founder of MMD Shops

First and foremost, here at MMD, we enjoy all the innovative features and integrations the Tymber platform brings to the table. But to us, it's all about their team. Having been in some insanely hectic situations in the past — the Tymber team has always been able to swiftly walk us through an issue so we can get back to business.

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