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Case Study
June 6, 2022

Rebelle Achieves 28% Month-Over-Month Growth in Their First Year With Tymber

Rebelle partners with Tymber to achieve an average of 28% month-over-month growth in their first year through their own website and marketing channels.


The Tymber team began strategizing with Rebelle leadership almost a full year before their grand opening in 2020. Since then, they have become one of Massachusetts's premier dispensaries – known for providing an exceptional retail cannabis experience both online and in-store.

After just 1 year, the dispensary saw an average of 28% month-over-month growth and can attribute more than 68% of their total online revenue to organic search as well as more than 13% gained revenue from ecommerce pages alone.

About Rebelle

Rebelle is a vertically integrated woman-and-minority-owned cannabis company dedicated to serving and investing in communities disproportionately impacted by cannabis criminalization. Empowered by social justice, they believe in a cannabis experience with a big purpose, elevated style, and superiorly curated cannabis products that disrupt and take the cannabis industry a step forward.

By putting their social justice mission at the forefront of everything they do, Rebelle continually aims higher - from their distinguished digital presence to their flagship dispensary based in Great Barrington, Massachusett - everything they do is a step above the rest. Rebelle’s diverse customer base expands well beyond their immediate region. Their strong attributes in this diversity can be seen along with the high growth and retention of their unique customer experience. 

Rebelle adopted a concept of “true shopability and approachability,” and has extended it from their brick and mortar to their digital presence and ecommerce with Tymber. By blending a native menu, highly designed aesthetic, personalized SEO strategy, and a strong data-driven approach, they’ve continued to grow at an outstanding rate. 

Since their inception, the team at Community Growth Partners has been on a mission to elevate the retail cannabis experience beyond the tired stereotypes and stigmas that have come before.

"Tymber gave us the freedom to creatively differentiate ourselves along with the infrastructure and guidance we needed to succeed.

The Challenge

As a new dispensary operating in a budding market, Rebelle needed an e-commerce platform to help them stand out and get ahead – fast.

The team recognized that consumer preferences were maturing at a rapid pace and saw the need to capitalize on buying intent search queries that were localized.

Furthermore, Rebelle needed an ecommerce platform capable of translating their in-store experience and aesthetic to the web.

The Solution

The Rebelle team opened their doors with a coordinated launch of their ecommerce website near the end of the 3rd quarter in 2020. With our platforms’ dynamic backing, Tymber successfully facilitated rapid growth through several key channels.

In their first year of business:

  • Rebelle saw an average of 28% month over month growth in online revenue
  • 68% of their total online revenue was attributed to organic search
  • 13% of their total online revenue was attributed to organic search to ecommerce pages specifically (category, products, and brands)

Tymber’s solution and discussion explained

The above success in the increase of generated online revenue reflects the evidence that consumer preferences are developing as the cannabis industry matures. This means that, over time, shoppers learn what they enjoy, and are looking for it online.

This is exactly where Tymber comes in. To kick it off, ecommerce page revenue is made by creating new opportunities from success on google. Tymber proved this from several angles from the speed they grew as well as the organic means produced by Tymber. Rebelle was able to create a quick burst of “zero-to-hero” percentage of revenue increase due to our powerful, native ecommerce implementation.  

Their numbers have shattered the stereotypes of what can be accomplished with our native platform. Furthermore, brand, product, and category pages are invisible on Google when built into an embedded iFrame. The 13% increase in revenue from and produced by Google-driven ecommerce pages would be lost in the embedded content if not implemented.  

If your ecommerce menu is hidden from Google search results, you’re missing out on this significant opportunity. To top it off, buying intent search traffic often ends up on aggregated marketplaces and eventually on your competitors.

See how partnering with and implementing a Tymber e-commerce platform can help build your dispensary revenue and SEO from the ground up.

Request a free demo today to get started and see why cannabis companies across the country trust Tymber with their online presence.

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Marcus Williams
Vice President

We knew from the start that digital growth was a huge key to success, and Tymber has helped us execute that every step of the way. With customized solutions and a consistently personal touch, we always felt a step ahead of the competition.

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